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Velotegra is focused on the development, marketing, and licensing of an innovative new bicycle hub design.

The Velotegra hub has the following objectives:

Low internal friction: To provide a hub with improved mechanical efficiency.

High torque capacity: To allow use in tandem and direct-drive bicycles.

Adaptability between chain-drive and direct-drive: To provide flexibility of use between chain-drive and direct-drive.

Adaptability between standard mounting and mono-blade mounting: To permit conventional mounting and mounting on one side only.

A patent for hub has been granted in the United States (US9139254) and in the United Kingdom (GB2513959), and a patent is pending in Canada (CA2812588) ).

A prototype of the hub has been constructed – see video below. It was displayed recently at the 2016 Recumbent Cycle-Con show in Cincinnati. Extensive testing will begin in the coming months.



One of the most promising applications of the Velotegra hub is the direct-drive recumbent bicycle (shown at top of page - but with an earlier single-speed hub). In recognition of this, the website also includes pages describing the advantages and specific design requirements of the direct-drive recumbent bicycle.

If you have any comments or would like further information, please do not hesitate to send a message in the Contact page.

- Jeremy Garnet, P. Eng. (Velotegra Inc.)