frontview 4

The direct-drive recumbent bicycle is front-wheel-drive and has a crank axle aligned with the front wheel axis. There is no chain, and gear ratios are obtained by a transmission within the front hub itself.

This results in a very simple bicycle design, with full-size wheels ideally positioned for an even weight distribution, giving excellent low-speed balancing, a smooth ride, and low rolling resistance. The front wheel is sufficiently well forward for full braking without the risk of an over-the-handlebars event. Since the seating position is not too low, the rider’s eyes face horizontally forward without neck strain. The rider sits at a similar height to that of a car driver, giving good interaction in traffic. With the low crank position, the rider can readily place feet flat on the ground, making the bike user-friendly and well suited for in-town and recreational riding. Also, the cargo carrying capacity of the direct-drive recumbent is impressive due to the amount of space made available under the seat by the long wheelbase and absence of chain. Advantageously, the weight of the cargo is centrally located and low down, not disturbing the handling of the bike.

Clearly there are many advantages to the direct-drive recumbent bike design, and it is a goal at Velotegra to assist in making the direct-drive recumbent a commercial success.