Chain-Drive Mono-Blade Installation

Chain drive monoblade

When mounting the hub on one side only (mono-blade mounting) for chain-drive, the hollow main shaft remains hollow, except for a cap fitted to close the left open end. The hub is attached to the mono-blade via threaded mounting holes in the stationary right side of the hub, so that the hub rotates freely relative to the stationary side. A drive sprocket is mounted externally on the right side of the hollow main shaft to provide positive drive to the hub. The hub is oriented so that the gear shift slider faces forward to facilitate connection of a shifter cable. The mono-blade doubles as a chain case completely enclosing the chain and shifter cable to provide maintenance free weather protection. The mono-blade mounting automatically takes care of the hub torque reaction.

A typical chain-driven mono-blade mounting is illustrated below:

Chain drive monoblade bike 4