Chain-Drive Standard Installation

Chain drive standard installation Model (color) (2)

For conventional mounting on the rear stays of a regular bicycle, a threaded shaft with bearings is fitted within the hollow main shaft of the hub so that the hub rotates freely around the threaded shaft. A drive sprocket is mounted externally on the right side of the hollow main shaft to provide positive drive to the hub. The hub is oriented so that the gear shift slider faces forward to facilitate connection of a shifter cable. In common with other hubs, a torque reaction lever is connected at one end to the right stay of the bike using a clip. At the opposite end, the torque reaction lever is bolted to the hub using two of the mono-blade mounting holes.

Since the ratios of the hub are higher than a regular hub, a 1:1 chain-drive ratio is possible, leading to a more compact chain loop as illustrated below. This allows a smaller chain case, if fitted.

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